Cybersecurity Rating & Management Solutions

RiskXchange enables organisations of all types and sizes, across every industry, discover and solve the complex cyber security and compliance challenges faced today. We understand the challenges you face. 


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Vendor Risk Management

Protect yourself against third-party risk

Installing the capabilities needed to fight cybercrime will help build a more secure network.

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Executive-level reporting

Accurately report on cybersecurity risk 

Creating a common easy-to-understand language and reporting framework is key to ensuring everyone is on the same page within your organisation.

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Self Assessment

Assess and address real-time risks against your business

Continuously monitor your cyber security posture.

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Achieve, maintain, and enable compliance with leading regulations and industry standards.

Continuously monitor compliance across your entire ecosystem.

Frequently asked questions

Why is vendor risk management important?

A vendor risk management program reduces the frequency and severity of data breaches and cyber attacks involving third and fourth-parties. Furthermore, the program protects sensitive data, PII, PHI, intellectual property, and ensures business continuity. The program also improves reporting, making it much easier to initiate organisation-wide programs about cybersecurity and third-party risk.

How do you carry out a vendor risk assessment?

1. Compare your list from the Accounts Payable department to your vendor risk assessment list.
2. Bucket your actively managed vendors into groups. 
3. Understand the business impact and regulatory risk.
4. Determine rating criteria and risk tolerance.

What are the steps that could be taken to improve the cyberhealth of an organisation’s ecosystem?

1. Continuously monitor, identify and manage risk in cybersecurity infrastructure
2. Assess risk rating and cybersecurity compliance with RiskXchange 
3. Increase visibility across your entire ecosystem using vendor risk assessment report

How can compliance across an organisation's ecosystem be monitored?

One of the most effective methods for ensuring cybersecurity compliance is conducting regular point-in-time assessments. These organisations make it easier to stay up-to-date on the latest regulations. The evolving and expanding threat to infrastructure requires continuous monitoring of enterprises and security posture to facilitate sustained compliance with constantly shifting regulations.



Financial organizations are prime targets for hackers.


Safeguard patient privacy and health provider infrastructure.


Product Innovation and cybersecurity are not mutually exclusive.


Continuously monitor the ecosystem, discover threats, and harden agency infrastructure.


Prioritise cybersecurity to block carders.


Build a secure ecosystem.