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Our integrated product suite and services produce data-driven insights to help companies prevent breaches.

Security Ratings

Get a holistic view of any organisation’s security posture based on the collection, analysis, and attribution of millions of critical data points.

The result is an unprecedented cyber security ratings solution that provides an accurate view of risk across your ecosystem, encompassing uncorrelated risk posed by individual poor-performing vendors as well as correlated risk precipitated across groups of companies.

RiskXchange enables users to view and monitor cyber security ratings, easily add vendors or partner organisations, and report on the cyber-health of their ecosystems.

It also provides access to breach insights and other analytics, compliance, collaboration, digital asset management, and additional tools that help enterprises better manage cyber security and achieve business objectives.


Discovery is our big data platform that normalises security data, removes noise from signals, and organises information into top cyber risk domains.

This data engine leverages sophisticated security collection capabilities and advanced machine learning algorithms to identify signals and accurately attribute findings.


Discovery non-intrusively scans the Internet to identify vulnerabilities, taps into a battery of honeypots and sinkholes, and utilises data from commercial and open-source threat feeds. Discovery collects millions of data points and analyses them across more than 50+ cyber security factors.

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Connect your applications to the most sophisticated data collection and attribution capabilities in the security industry. 

We collect terabytes of data on hundreds of thousands of entities worldwide. Our forward-based threat intelligence capabilities are powered by a proprietary sensor network that spans the globe. Our data science and machine learning capabilities transform that telemetry into intelligence that can be used to identify risks and help prevent security breaches. Through API Connectors, we make this data consumable by technology companies, insurers, rating agencies, security teams, and more.


Revolutionary Questionnaire and Evidence Exchange Platform.

ASSESS accelerates the questionnaire exchange process by enabling organisations to easily send, manage, and review questionnaires at scale. ASSESS' “smart-mapping” engine enables organisations to rapidly respond to any questionnaire, significantly reducing completion time. With ASSESS, the questionnaire and evidence exchange process is turbocharged with RiskXchange data insights. By aligning questionnaire responses with RiskXchange cyber security ratings, organisations can instantly see a 360° view of cyber security risk and can more easily validate the objectiveness and accuracy of responses to pinpoint risk.

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