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Worried about security? Why not gain peace of mind from actionable insights into risks associated with your IT infrastructure and your third-party ecosystem with third party risk management services. RiskXchange can pinpoint the top risk factors that could cause your company to suffer from a breach. 

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Discover security vulnerabilities and security gaps in real-time to better control the impact and likelihood of data breaches with our third party risk assessment services


Instantly see cutting edge vendor security assessments that highlight risk areas 


Minimize your cyber risk by continuously monitoring the security risk profile of your company and its supplier ecosystem 


Assess your compliance against well-known security standards like NIST, ISO 27001 or even the GDPR technical controls 

What are security ratings? 

Just as credit ratings provide insight into financial stability of an entity, cybersecurity ratings provide insight into organisational cybersecurity health and practices to prevent data and security breaches.  


Cybersecurity ratings grade your security performance by how well information is protected within your network using a supplier risk assessment. It is extremely important, in today’s digital age, to protect your data and to prevent security breaches with cybersecurity ratings – they are now as important as your organisation’s finances and reputation.   

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