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If you are looking to strengthen your cybersecurity program to prevent attacks and protect your data, then RiskXchange can help you!
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The RiskXchange platform has been developed by a team of cybersecurity experts dedicated to helping businesses across different industries solve complex cybersecurity and compliance challenges using our cybersecurity rating solution that provides an all-encompassing, 360-degree view of your cybersecurity posture. 


RiskXchange allows you to detect cyber risks, monitor your current cybersecurity posture and compliance status, build a more secure network and create an easy-to-understand reporting framework around your cybersecurity program. 

We have a solution for all your needs   


With cyberattacks evolving and becoming more sophisticated, it is crucial to invest in technology that allows you to oversee your entire attack surface so that you have the means to respond swiftly. 


Our cybersecurity ratings platform provides all the information you need to improve security. We provide instant visibility into your current cybersecurity risk level and identify security issues across several risk factors. 


Whether you are in finance or healthcare, we have a solution to help you monitor your cybersecurity attack surface using our instant risk rating solutions.  


RiskXchange can help you get a more holistic view of your security posture by collecting and analysing millions of data points while leveraging machine learning algorithms to identify signals and attribute findings accurately.  


Get a view of your organisation and its system risk profile today! 


Automate your cyber risk rating management processes and create alerts for new anomalies to protect your organisation.


Quickly discover if your organisation or one of your vendors is vulnerable to emerging software bugs or is still using unpatched out of support software.


Focus on the cyber risks that present a real security threat to your organisation with clear easy to understand cyber risk ratings with executive-level reporting.


Monitor, secure, and reduce your attack surface and improve your cyber risk rating to prevent unnecessary cyber risk to your organisation.

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